Hello All!  I am doing well on my word count, even a little bit ahead so far for the day which is nice!  I plan to try and keep it that way.  If things keep on this track I will finish on time, if not early.  I am excited to bring a great version of Shao Island to you.

Keep reading to see a character inspiration picture of Alyssa Branch from Shao Island.

My word count might have been higher if Novlr, the service I am using to write this year, hadn’t gone down today.  It is back up now and we will see how much I can get done.

Word Count: 37,176

One of the main characters in Shao Island is Alyssa Branch.  She is a black haired beauty with freckles.  She isn’t super thin but is between fit and thin.  Alyssa is a strong, young lady.  I have put her age at 19.

Today I tried to find a picture that made me think of her.  I turned to Google and ended up finding a Pinterest for Character Inspiration.

Here is the photo that I found on Pinterest that makes me think of Alyssa.



I also included another photo that I found that reminded me of her in the Featured Image for this post.  This image comes from https://www.walldevil.com/43694-women-faces-black-hair-freckles.html.  The main difference between this picture and Alyssa’s description, is that Alyssa has longer hair.