NaNoWriMo 2013 Page 1

It’s been a while since I have posted any of my written work so I thought I would give you the first page of my NaNoWriMo 2013 work.

Oliver sat in his patrol car, parked in an alley in Port Angeles, Washington.  The night around him was dark and very few houses still had their lights on at this time of night, or morning, as it was 3 am.  So far the night had been normal, which was always a bad sign.  A few publicly intoxicated individuals and a request from the fire department to help with crowd control.

“All cars be advised, the United States has just gone to DEFON 2.  Check your computers for more details.”

Breaking the darkness inside his car Oliver turned on the computer mounted to the middle of the police cruiser.  An envelope at the bottom of the screen indicated that he had a new message.  Before opening the message he took a deep breath.  DEFCON was the country’s defense condition for nuclear attacks.  Level 5 was no current nuclear threat.  Going from 5 to 2 meant the world was on the edge of nuclear war.  Teetering on the verge of what apocalyptic fans had been preparing for for years.

When he opened the message with a tap of the screen he released his breath.  A letter from the White House was on the screen.  It was addressed to all law enforcement agencies in the United States.  It read:

To All Law Enforcement Agencies In The United States of America and It’s Territories:

As of  0600  hundred hours EST the United States of America has escalated it’s DEFCON level from 5 to 2.  All agencies are to be prepared to respond to nuclear disasters and should be prepared to recover should a nuclear attack happen.

At 0500 hours EST the website known as Wikileaks posted military and intelligence secrets from around the globe.  Other countries have already started pointing fingers and placing blame.  Some countries appear to be readying themselves for a global war.  We hope this does not happen but should it happen we count on all of you in law enforcement to keep your communities calm and safe.

Should we receive further relevant information it will be forwarded on to all of you.  God’s speed and good luck.


The Office Of The President of The United States of America


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